Myke Amend

Illustrator, engraver, and painter of strange weird-fiction and pulp-inspired works, combining a strange brand of surrealism, fantastic realism combined with landscape styles drawn from the 1800’s era American Artists movement.

Myke Amend and Ted Jauw

Myke Amend (left) and Ted Jauw (right) of Cirque A Circa

His illustrations have been published in or as covers for Weird Tales Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Gatehouse Gazette, Kilter Magazine, the art collection “Gothic Art Now” (and two more upcoming collections yet to be disclosed). He has commissioned artworks for many names in Steampunk Music, Entertainment, and Literature including Cherie Priest, Dexter Palmer, The Pickled Brothers Sideshow, Vernian Process, and Abney Park. Myke has also been featured in countless popular online resources such as IO9, Elfwood, Dark Roasted Blend,, Fantasy Art Magazine, Lines and Colors, and Brass Goggles. His artworks and prints are in thousands of homes, in hotels, and even in dental offices, where their vast strangeness is said to offer patients a quality visual escape during long procedures.

SomeDay I will Never Grow Up - by Myke Amend Pollen - by Myke Amend Sabicu - by Myke Amend The Rescue - Painted by Myke Amend for Robert Brown of Abney Park By Myke Amend

As Myke puts it, “I wish to present a great amount of activity, drama, and even chaos, in the most tranquil and serene settings -and through hidden imagery both large and small, I aim for each piece to present something new to each viewer with each and every viewing. My goal is not only to present a scene, but to place the viewer within the scene, and to provide them with many interesting new worlds within worlds to explore.”

Artwork by Myke Amend

The Right Red Hand by Myke Amend Conception by Myke Amend Heptameron by Myke Amend Desert Shadows by Myke Amend Alice's Mock Turtle by Myke Amend