Cirque A Circa, A Circus Out of Time
Who We Are

Cirque A Circa is a collection of artists and friends working together to create new projects, art, performance, and mainly to support one another. We came together to take part in the 2010 ArtPrize competition and now have moved on to our own individual projects, while coming together now and then to again work on things as a collective. This website, once used to promote our ArtPrize adventures, now serves as a hub for artists of all genres and mediums. You will find links to our ArtPrize scrapbook, which will give you a quick little overview of that event, and a variety of site links and our blog. The icons here will take you to all the most current projects our group are busy at. And below our various project and site links is a little additional information on our artists. Thank you for stopping by!

Who We're Up To Currently

Myke Amend
The Infernal Device

The Infernal Device, Myke Amend
Bethalynne Bajema
The Black Ibis

The Black Ibis, Bethalynne Bajema
Bethany Grenier
Sings With Stars

Sings With Stars, Bethany Grenier
Ted Jauw
The Surcadia Chronicles

The Surcadia Chronicles, Ted Jauw

ArtPrize 2010 Scrapbook
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